Pre-Election Audit of Memory Cards for the August 2008 Connecticut Primary Elections

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The Center for Voting Technology Research (VoTeR Center) at the School of Engineering of the University of Connecticut performed a pre-election audit of the memory cards for the AccuVote Optical Scan tabulators that were used in the August 2008 Connecticut Primary Elections. The cards were programmed by LHS Associates of Methuen, Massachusetts. The districts covered by this pre-election audit included all 185 districts participating in the elections. The VoTeR Center received in total 185 memory cards before the elections to be audited. The memory cards were shipped by LHS directly to the VoTeR Center. This document reports on the findings obtained as the result of the audit. Among the 185 cards received and tested by the VoTeR Center, 175 cards (94.6%) were found to have been properly programmed for election. These cards contained valid ballot data and the executable code on these cards was the expected code, with no extraneous data or code on the cards. The remaining 10 cards, or 5.4%, were found to contain “junk” data, that is, they did not contain usable data. Such cards are detected by the tabulators to be unusable, thus they could not have been used in the election.

The audit was performed on request of the Office of the Secretary of the State.

Full report: audit0808pre

Statistical Analysis of the Post Election Audit Data 2008 February Elections

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The Center for Voting Technology Research (VoTeR Center) at the School of Engineering of the University of Connecticut received the data gathered in the post-election audit performed in the State of Connecticut following the February 2008 election. The audits of the randomly selected approximately 33% of the districts were conducted in February and March of 2008, and the returns were subsequently conveyed by the Office of the Secretary of the State (SOTS) to the VoTeR Center. The audit data received by the Center contains 624 records per each party, where each record represents information about a given candidate. Specifically, each record contains the following significant information: date, district, machine seal number, office, candidate, machine counted total, undisputed hand counted total, questionable hand counted total, overall hand counted total, that is, the sum of undisputed and questionable ballots. This report contains several statistical analyses of the audit returns.
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