State of Connecticut Security Procedures

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State of Connecticut’s Moderator’s Handbook (2006)

Security, Storage & Transportation of Ballots & Tabulators to and from Polls


    From the time the tabulators, memory card and ballots are received, they should be stored in a locked storage location not generally accessible. A log should be maintained of all persons having access to that storage location. The log should show the names dates times and purposes for all persons having access to that storage location.

  2. Pre-election testing and sealing of memory card & tabulator

    At the conclusion of the pre-election testing of machines, the memory card should be inserted in each tabulator and secured with a numbered seal. That number should be recorded on the pre-election testing report. A copy that report should be given to Town Clerk. The Clerk should give a copy of this report, including the number of the memory card seal number, to the Moderator when she picks up her supplies the day before the election.
    The tabulator should be place in the bag in which it will transported to the polls. A second numbered seal should be attached to the bag. The bag should also have a label identifying the polling place to which it is assigned.

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