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Hartford Courant: Secretary of the State: CT needs $25M to replace ‘unreliable and unserviceable’ voting machines 
April 15, 2023, Prof. Russell on the benefits of new tabulators and impact on future election audits

Researchers from The UConn Voting Technology Center Awarded 2023: Election Verification Network Research Award
March 16. 2023, Prof. Benjamin Fuller, Abigail Harrison, Prof. Alexander Russell

League of Women VotersTo Avoid Voter Confidence Erosion, Ensure Election Security
November 22, 2019, Prof. Russell on election security

Government TechnologyResearcher at UConn Investigates New Voting Technology
September 16, 2019, VoTeR Center

Daily Campus: UConn Center for Voting Technology Research to conduct midterm election audits
November 6, 2018, VoTeR Center

WSJ: Microsoft Co-Founder Allen Bets on Online Voting; Funds Scytl
April 7, 2014, Prof. Shvartsman on online voting

UCONN Today: UConn VoTeR Center Helps Ensure Accuracy of Voting Machines
November 5, 2012, VoTeR Center

UCONN Today: Sen. Lieberman Praises UConn Cybersecurity Labs
February 24, 2012, Sen. Lieberman visits VoTeR Center

SoE News: UConn Team Ensures Election Integrity
December 14th, 2010, VoTeR Center

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