An Internet Voting System Supporting User Privacy

An Internet Voting System Supporting User Privacy Aggelos Kiayias, Michael Korman and David Walluck 22nd Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC 2006), IEEE Computer Society 2006, pp. 165-174. December 11-15, 2006, Miami Beach, Florida, USA


This work introduces the ADDER system , an Internetbased, free and open source electronic voting system which employs strong cryptography. Our system is a fully functional e-voting platform and enjoys a number of security properties such as robustness, trust distribution, ballot privacy, auditability and verifiability. It can readily implement and carry out various voting procedures in parallel and can be used for small scale boardroom/department-wide voting as well as largescale elections. In addition, ADDER employs a flexible voting scheme which allows the system to carry out procedures such as surveys or other data collection activities. ADDER offers a unique opportunity to study cryptographic voting protocols from a systems perspective and to explore the security and usability of electronic voting systems.

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